“Sepenggal cerita, sepenggal pemikiran yang diurai dengan curahan tinta dalam secarik layar. Bagian dari hidupku dan dunia di sekitarku namun bisa juga menjadi bagian dari hidupmu. Karena dalam hidup, kita tidak bisa tidak melakukan sesuatu meskipun hanya berupa tulisan.”

“A fragment of stories, a fragment of thoughts, unravel from ink into a piece of screen. It’s a part of my life and everything that happens surround me but it could also be a part of yours, because in our life, we cannot live without doing anything useful, although it’s just a piece of words.”


The enchanted lady

An enchanted lady, she is…

Her eyes, a pair of brilliant stars

Those warmth hands full with embrace

Time to time, she stood against the wind

Knitted a sheet of love and peace

One day when the wind crazed

That laid her down in a valley of aches

And put the thorns inside pulmonary

In her everyday rest

 Yet she built freedom outside her downfall

And fought like a warrior

Never gave up life

Though the pain killed her rhyme

 Yet in the end, an angel gave her wings

She smiled,  flew away and free.


#A tribute for my mom who had passed away a long time ago after a hard battled with lung cancer. May she always rest in peace…

The Regret

The wrinkles of ages,

Wrapped in thousand of grieves.

 Drown in a coffin of secrecy for decades,

Heavily to turn around from the dark haze that she breathe.

After a long sip in the essence of death,

Now this little light cannot wage a message.

Her movements no longer sail flexibly in a sea of souls,

Since her veins has been undermined by some venomous notes.


Her haunted nights,    

Slowly left her in estrangement,

 Without message….without remission….without guidance,

Now she waits…and just….waits…       

Strands of second that kills the time,

Strands of minute that burns the night,

Strands of hour that splits the desolate,  

Till the end of her breathe.


#A Trilogy#Fiction in Poetry



The Lost

She moves gracefully,

Overshadowed by her twinned,

That often hides behind an empty heart.

Her figure flickers in delight,

Accompany by the spark of a thousand lights.


Her smirk is luscious,

The deathly venom would fly in a surge,

 By this sweet infused.

 The eyes blink in a flattery moves,

And turn the sleepless nights into a trance.


Those shadows intoxicated with dark honey,

As she unmask an audacity with her silent breeze.

The tapering tantalize fingers bend in a secret dauntless,

As if they could melt with the melody,

That runs through the echoing channels.   


And when the maroon lips,

Whisper a playful sweet embrace from the dark melody,

That reaches the lost souls of the underworld,

And calls out the night ghosts,

The shadows shall win and bleed in ecstasy.


Night after night, heavy weight in prosper,

This lonely sweet, weeps and whines,

Need a sincere pillar that would unravel the dark veil,

To replenish her as a new pearl,

And bring back purity in her shattered world.

#A Trilogy#Fiction in Poetry

The Beginning

Little soft rolling eyes,

Slender and smallest,

Grind her bones in time of sweetness,

Crushed the sunlight along her bitterness,      

That she held in a twelve counts of early years.  

The little figure was torn in coercion,

Drown inside a dark hollow of her parents,

Gone astray in a maze of humiliation,

An edgeless journey, awaited in a boundary of nothingness,

Caged in a fidgety without a voice,

The sparkling of water waste into the depth of an ocean,

She then slept in an endless lamentation.


#A Trilogy#Fiction in Poetry




Sang Asisten

Dia muncul malu-malu
Terkadang di pagi hari sebelum mentari merayu,
Di siang hari sewaktu mentari menyerang,
Terkadang di senja hari sewaktu mentari berpulang.

Malu yang terhina karena sekolah yang tak lulus,
Malu yang terbungkuk karena pekerjaan yang tak halus,
Malu yang ndeso karena asalnya yang dari dusun,
Malu yang tak beruntung meskipun dia selalu tersenyum.

Malu datang dengan menggendong beban,
Dia datang demi setumpuk cucian,
Malu datang bersama segumpal haru,
Dan dia datang karena disesap benalu.

Malu bertubuh layu muka kusam,
Dia sering datang berselimutkan lebam,
Dan dia tak pernah menyimpan dendam,
Meskipun hatinya tertusuk dan karam.

Malu berhati lugu meskipun terpapar bilur,
Dia berjiwa bersih meskipun rapuh,
Malu tak pernah hancur meskipun jiwanya ditendang babak belur,
Dia tak pernah letih meskipun tersaruk-saruk nyaris jatuh.

Malu, si kampung dari Melayu
Malu yang hidupnya bertabur peluh
Malu yang selalu luluh
Malu yang hidupnya mengharubiru.

The Sweet Sky

The sun hides behind the windy cloud,

Her gaze slips through the broken hole,

Entwine with the sweet moan of a lonely child.

She whispers a nurture song,

      With the sweetest melody that comes from the harp of an orphan angel,

End the mighty power of an indigo night.

      Elsewhere she stays, in a cradle of grace,

To crystallize her mind and weave a silky sky,

Shatters the rain and blows the quivering bones away.

Keeping an enchanted heaven with the sweet palms of hers, and…

You may taste her melancholy heart which explodes in a grand celestial.